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Oh My Blog !!! Zumbini with Laura
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A New year, a New Baby, and Another String to my Bow...Introducing Zumbini with Laura

Despite being up to eyes in nappies, this year maps the start of my career as an INSTRUCTOR of Zumbini with Laura. I cannot wait to get my dancing shoes on!

As a psychology graduate, I’m always keen to find new ways of using my skills. Consequently, what better way than to DANCE, make MUSIC, and SING with little children…helping them develop their SOCIAL, COGNITIVE, EMOTIONAL and MOTOR skills.

What is Zumbini?

Zumbini is a relatively new music, movement, and singing programme to arrive in the UK, and what a
welcome gift it is from the creators of ZUMBA.

Most people immediately assume Zumbini is ‘Zumba for kids’ – but it’s not…

Zumbini with Laura is a singing, dancing and movement programme designed specifically for children
between the ages of 0-4.

As all the songs have been created by ZUMBA, they have the same fun, energetic, repetitive nature; which is perfect for children to easily learn. Furthermore, sessions involve a whole host of activity including:

    • Structured dance
    • Freestyle dance
    • Structured music
    • An instrumental jam
    • Dance with scarfs
    • Peekaboo
    • …and so much more!

Check out the video below…

A fun 45 minute session which everyone can enjoy – children and caregiver can let themselves go, and get lost in the music… 🎶

If you’re thinking your child may not have the focus…DON’T WORRY!

ZUMBINI is strategically designed to ensure children are still learning and developing whilst in the room, even if they do not appear actively engaged.

Check out this great FREE BUNDLE which you get when you sign up to the sessions…

Oh My Blog !!! Zumbini with Laura

With a lovely story and songbook to follow throughout, children can continue to enjoy the ZUMBINI songs at home, as well as during group sessions.

The 6 week sessions include a songbook, and music cd/app code, as well as a FREE soft toy.

As a parent of a toddler who has always been reluctant to involve himself in music and dance, I knew that my son Michael would be a good test case to see just how good the ZUMBINI music is…It did not disappoint!

As a result of introducing him to the songs, he now requests the songs he likes, and encourages me
to DANCE with him.

Overall, Zumbini with Laura is a great bonding experience, and great way to have fun together, whilst your little one is learning!!

To sign up today, simply email Laura

[email protected]

Alternatively, if you would like more details about the sessions, feel free to call me on…07565 715452

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