Third Trimester – The Last Lap…

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Third Trimester - Ready, STEADY, Go/Don't Go?!

These last few months of my pregnancy have been about slowing it all right down and having to accept that its time to take a break from running, until some time after my baby is born.

I have had to Listen to my body more than ever over the past 9 weeks and adapt my activity accordingly…Adapt though, not stop altogether!

37 Weeks

The determination you need to get to the end of a race is what has kept me active and healthy right up to the end of my pregnancy. As I reach the 37 weeks mark of my third trimester, I eagerly await the arrival of my blue bun. I can proudly report I am still attending a weekly Pilates class, and weekly swimming session. I’m not going to lie though, as the time arrives to leave the house for both, a little gentle reminder from my other half, that it is good for me and our baby to keep going has been very helpful.

35 Weeks

At 35 weeks of my third trimester, it was time to admit defeat with my beloved clubbersize class. It’s goodbye to my fellow dancers until it’s time to begin my post pregnancy workout. When I first established Run With Your Bun, I was intrigued as to how far into my pregnancy I would get before my break from running would begin…And at 30 weeks, all the signs were there. For me, these included…

– Sore achy legs during and post run
– Difficulty breathing
– Fatigue
– Off balance

Oh My Blog - Third Trimester - The Last Lap... - Image 1

30 weeks

I was surprised at the noticeable change in ability from weeks 29 to 30, and I think this made the reality of stopping that much harder. At week 29 I was still comfortably running 4k at a nice gentle pace but by 30 weeks, this was simply not possible. I discussed my success with running with my Pilates teacher; who is a qualified physiotherapist, and she was keen to offer her advice. We regularly discuss the importance of looking after the pelvic floor muscles during class, and it occurred to me that the weight of baby’s head could have a lasting effect if I continue to run at this point. My running shoes have therefore been given the season off!!

Typically at the beginning of your Third trimester, pregnant women often find it difficult to get a good night’s sleep; despite how exhausted we feel. I found two specific remedies which helped me with this… hypnobirthing/relaxation, and nesting!!

Interested in knowing more about these, look out for my upcoming Blogs

Braxton Hicks

In addition to feeling tired, I have also experienced Braxton Hicks contractions on and off from 35 weeks. After doing some research into what may make these more likely, I discovered possible links with dehydration and too much activity. At this point, I took a more conscious approach to planning my day, in order to ensure I was not overdoing it. To find out more details about Braxton Hicks, click HERE

As labour day approaches, there is a special person in our family who is keeping me active…and that is our very first boy- Henry! Hopefully, a daily waddle around the block together will get this baby out soon…continue to follow Run With Your Bun on social media to keep updated on baby’s arrival!

Oh My Blog - Third Trimester - The Last Lap... Henry
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