The Half Marathon – Race Day

Half Marathon - Race Day - Finish image
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So Race Day…I did it!

I completed the race, I got my race day medal, and that was all before they re-opened the road…😂

The fear of marshals ushering me to hurry, in order to re-open the road, was a haunting feeling in the weeks leading up to the race.

The time limit of the half marathon was 3 hours. Despite having ran it in 2 and half hours during my training, my concern was that this may happen.

But, thankfully, this was not the way of it on race day. Completing the 13.1 Miles in 2 hours 34 minutes…something I’m very proud of.

Mixed Emotions

I deliberately waited some time after race day to write this blog. Although I achieved my goal and completed the race in a respectable time, I have mixed emotions. I didn’t experience the ‘runners high’ I was expecting, and am use to experiencing in all my other races.

My family and friends seemed a little baffled by my somewhat ‘negative’ reaction to my achievement. I too was surprised at my ‘never again’ attitude.

It was tough. It was hot. The local support was both encouraging and pressuring. Unfortunately, I was walking in parts and was dragging myself over the finish line.

This is not what I’m use to in my 10K runs. Usually after race day, I feel euphoric, invincible, and proud.

Afterwards, when people would ask how it went, I would say, ‘it was hell…I don’t think I’ll do that again…I’m definitely a 10K runner’.

It wasn’t until a week or so after when I went out for my first post race run, that I began to appreciate the scale of my achievement.

When I was running on my own, in my own time, with no target, no upcoming race, the familiar feeling of really enjoying my run returned.


With reflection race day, I was beginning to acknowledge what a step up it was, and the fact that it was never going to be easy. It was a challenge…but ultimately, one I overcame!!

I’m a busy working mum, with a 4 year old, who I was just about to send off to school, and a 10 month old, approaching his first birthday.

I probably didn’t find enough time to really put the hours in with training, and so it was a little tough…so what!

I know I can do it, I have the medal to prove it. 🏅😁

Never say never, I think the Coventry Half Marathon is scheduled for the spring?! 🤔 😂


I want to thank all the people who are responsible for organising the race.


There was a lovely community spirit on the day, which everyone was enjoying. The effort that goes into setting up a race like this does wonders for the sport, and with the addition of the ‘kids run free’ race, hopefully it will encourage future generations to appreciate their capability, and run!

Half Marathon - Race Day - Finish image
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