Splash About Review from an Active Mum

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Splash About Review from Our Family Swim

Splash About Products have been so useful for our family that I was keen to share my experiences.

My husband and I have always been keen swimmers. To be honest, it’s the only sport we really enjoy together. So, following the birth of our first son Michael, we were keen to get his tiny feet wet in the pool.

Babies are born to swim, so the sooner you can take them the better! You can get babies in the pool right away, but some people like to wait until their baby has had their first immunisations…

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At just 8 weeks old, we set off with Michael to one of our local, slightly warmer pools. After a whole 10 minutes of swimming action, Michael was too cold and falling asleep.

Since then, we take Michael weekly, and it has become a family fun weekend activity.

When Michael was ready to swim independently with armbands, it was the old classic fluorescent orange inflatable arm rings that came to mind.

But Michael was not keen. He didn’t have the patience for them, and he seemed frustrated with how much they restricted his movement in the water.

Therefore, I sought some recommendations from the mums in my social media groups. And so, I was introduced to the SPLASH ABOUT products.

Recommendations suggest that the Go Splash Starter Float Jacket is the place to start.

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At £22.99, to begin with, I thought it may be a little expensive…but it has my highest recommendation! It is a product, which is not only worth the money, but has paid for itself several times over. Michael has been using his float jacket for 3 years now and it is in great condition.

Bonus Features

  • 8 Removable Floats
  • Added UPF50+
  • Designed to keep children in the correct position
  • Made from a ‘No rub’ material
  • Click in place safety zip

If there is a disadvantage of this product, it’s that it holds the water and requires drip drying. But, I simply hang it over the bath, or on the washing line.

Michael instantly fell in love with the brightly coloured shark design and the fact that he can put it on himself.

We have enjoyed gradually demonstrating his progress to him by removing the floats over time and explaining the extra effort required on his behalf.

It is necessary to offer a little extra support when floats have been newly removed, but we have found Michael has coped with this well.


When our second child Bobby arrived at the end of last year, we were keen to get him to start as soon as possible.

With the 3 year age gap between the boys, we knew the time they would both want to spend in the pool would be somewhat different. I was keen to maximise Bobby’s time in the pool, but I knew after a short period of time he would become cold and tired.

I, therefore, headed back to the SPLASH ABOUT website to see what they had to offer newborn swimmers.

The Baby Wrap promises warmth and comfort.

At £19.99 It did indeed deliver on both of these things and had many more bonus features.

Bonus Features

  • UPF 50+ protection from the sun
  • Opens completely flat for easy on and off
  • Gives maximum freedom of movement of arms and legs
  • Adjustable Velcro so it will fit as baby grows
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I love how the wrap for Bobby in the same brightly coloured shark design as Michael’s flotation jacket.

We were delighted when we tried this product out for the first time! Bobby not only managed to swim for a whole half an hour at 8 weeks old, but when I took the wrap off to change him, his body actually felt warm!

I highly recommend both of these products for new baby swimmers, and toddlers finding their feet in the pool.

The SPLASH ABOUT website was easy to use, the products were well described, and delivered promptly.

In my opinion, SPLASH ABOUT offers well-designed swimming aids which are well worth the money.

Keep an eye on my Blog for more reviews and tips on good quality products at a reasonable price.

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