Six Months Postpartum

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Six Months Postpartum…It’s Time to Tell You About the Changes in the Run With Your Bun Family

When I sit down to reflect on the last 6 months postpartum, I can’t believe how quick the time has gone.

After Halloween delivered me my special treat, we enjoyed the count down to Christmas with our
beautiful newborn Bobby. Things got off to a relatively easy start, but the reality of being a busy mum of two, with a business, soon kicked in.

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There have been some highs and some lows, but above all, some important learning curves along the way which I’d like to share.

I guess you may say I was lured into a false sense of security with my first; a newborn who slept through from 9 weeks old, and took to breastfeeding straight away.

My eldest Michael was a good sleeper. Yet again, I am blessed with the gift of sleep…something
every parent dreams of in the early years, so I really shouldn’t moan.

Our challenges centred around the demands of breastfeeding, and divided attention. As I previously breastfed Michael for the first 6 months, I was keen to do the same with Bobby. But, when the famous ‘4 months sleep regression’ kicked in, the breastfeeding demand increased, and this became a bit overwhelming. Find out more about my experience of breastfeeding baby no.2 in my upcoming BLOG HERE…

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Having to deal with a demanding newborn, and a toddler who was adapting to life as 1 of 2, I began
to crave some ‘me time’. Before having Bobby, I always recognised, and satisfied, my need for ‘me time’. Of course this was in the form of exercise; running and Zumba/ Clubbercise classes.

6 Week Postpartum

Following my 6 week post natal health check, I was keen to get back to this. And even though I did to begin with, I soon found that the reality of having 2 children to care for, made this somewhat difficult, from an energy point of view.

I found myself battling with the concept of doing something I love, versus the need to conserve energy
for the following day!

As well as this, I discovered how hard it is for a mum of 2 to actually find 30 minute slots in the week
when she is not needed.

I found the weight I’d gained during pregnancy made exercise much harder. I realised I was beginning to feel as though I needed my body back to myself, as well as my previous fitness level.

20 Week Postpartum

At 5 months postpartum, I decided to switch from breastfeeding to bottle. In addition, I began my health kick with the occasional run, and a healthy diet. To help me get started, I turned to the popular Slimming World Programme. I was familiar with this and found it gave me the right focus.

To find out more about my Slimming World journey, look out for my upcoming BLOG HERE

Postpartum Runs

With regards to getting back to running, I envisioned a weekly occurrence, with
a noticeable increase in fitness level and weight loss…this was not the case.

As I ponder through my STRAVA stats, I was lucky to make one run a month. I felt an overwhelming sense of freedom…a little bit like a superhero. However, I may also feel more comfortable wearing a sandwich board which says ‘I’ve just had a baby’.

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As for getting back to my evening dance classes, time and energy levels would just not allow this.
As Bobby was approaching 6 months, I began to feel so restrained by the need to arrange child care in order to enjoy my much needed exercise.

It is at the 6 month mark that it is safe to go running with your baby in a specifically designed running buggy.

So I decided to treat myself to the Hauck Runner…look out my upcoming review of the Hauck Runner¬†here on my Blog

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Now I have my BUN back on board during my runs, we have turned a corner. I have began to shed the baby weight. I have increased those STRAVA stats to more than one run a week. And now,¬† I feel like I’m winning at the Mum of 2 thing.

I’m also super excited about what the coming months will bring…my first 10K race since my first pregnancy trimester, having lots of fun with the ZUMBINI babies, and a birthday for Run With Your Bun!!!

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