Should I Invest in an Exercise/Birthing Ball?

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This Week I Want to Share My Experiences With My Birthing Ball

During my first pregnancy, although I wasn’t encouraged to stick to my normal exercise routine, I did attend a weekly ante-natal exercise group to keep my core strong for labour. It was at this group that other expectant mums suggested a birthing ball. Apparently, towards the end of the second trimester, it is well worth investing in an exercise ball/birthing ball?

So What Is an Exercise Ball, and What Is a Birthing Ball?

Well, these are actually the same thing! In fact, it actually has many different names, such as; yoga ball, Swiss ball, fitness ball, physio ball…and lots more, but essentially they are used for physical therapy and exercise.

The ball is made from soft elastic filled with air with the use of a hand pump, and valve to keep the air in. They come in a range of different diameters to suit your height…It’s important you get the right size for you particularly when pregnant as you need to feel stable when on it!

You can purchase an exercise ball from most high street sports retailers…click HERE to shop now…

Why Is an Exercise Ball Useful During Pregnancy?

The main benefits of using an exercise ball during pregnancy are…
Pelvic floor
Labour pain

Every woman who has been pregnant will know the challenge of getting comfy once your bump starts to get big. Twin that with the never-ending tiredness (it’s such a magical time!)
But, merely sitting, or gently bouncing on the ball whilst watching the television will help keep you upright.

You can use the birthing to ease the pain and discomfort during labour. You can try a number of different positions during first stage labour, such as:

Getting into a hands and knees position and hugging your ball, sitting astride the ball and rocking your pelvis left to right, or even leaning over the ball from a standing position.
Sitting astride the ball and rocking your pelvis left to right.
Leaning over the ball from a standing position.

Check Out Some of My Demos Here…

During stage two of labour; the pushing stage, you will most likely want to avoid sitting. Taking up a leaning position on the ball, on your hands and knees, will allow the pressure to be taken off your bottom, and give your baby lots of room to descend with each contraction and to be born.

If you want to use your exercise ball during labour, do discuss it with your midwife so they can assist you when the time comes.

There are a number of effective exercises which can be carried out on the exercise ball during pregnancy, and I’m finding my Pilates class is helping to introduce these to me.

Look Out for My Next Blog on Pregnancy Pilates…Coming Soon!

With regards to pelvic floor muscles, this is no doubt something which has been mentioned to you
throughout your pregnancy, by both professionals and friends or family who have carried babies.
It is important that you exercise your pelvic floor muscles throughout pregnancy as they withstand a lot of strain and pressure throughout. The ball can be a very useful tool to assist with focused
pelvic floor exercise.

For more information on pelvic floor exercises look out for my upcoming blog!!


I would love to hear your experiences of exercising throughout your pregnancy!! Get in touch through Facebook and tell me your triumphs!

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