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Second Trimester Struggles

As I sit down to write this blog, I reflect on the last 14 weeks and my second trimester. I’m overwhelmed by how challenging things have become, and I’m not just talking about running, or exercise in general.

I didn’t think for one second that pregnancy with a toddler would be easy, but these last few months have thrown up their fair share of challenges.

From a month-long national heatwave reaching 32┬░C to a random bout of sciatica. On the surface, I am less than impressed with my exercise stats!

However, a natural wind down was, of course, inevitable. I have learned some interesting things along the way.

Week 13-27

After a sneaky peak at baby Johnston number 2 at our 12 week scan, my energy levels started to increase. I was keen to make a real effort to put in the miles.

Throughout the month of May, Strava recorded a total of 24k travelled…not too shabby. At this point, I was also strutting my stuff weekly at my beloved clubbersize class!

To begin with, the difference in agility was the most noticeable change as baby bump grew…certain dance moves became harder to pull off. But that didn’t matter, I was sticking to my routine, working my body and above all, having fun!

As the Kilometres rose, so did the temperature. It became clear that, in order to get ‘a’ weekly run in, it was necessary to get out early in the morning or wait until the evening. It’s simply not safe to run in that sort of heat…check out this LINK.

Finding the time to dart out for a run in the morning, when you have a 3-year-old, is pretty much impossible. Moreover, the biggest thing I’ve noticed throughout this pregnancy is just how exhausted I have felt in the evening. If I dared to risk sitting on the sofa at this point, I was there for the long haul, with very little action in between.

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Nevertheless, with a little help from my husband and family, I managed to clock up a respectable 16K throughout the month of June. Ironically enough, this is the point where frequency, distance, and time, became less than relevant.

During these runs, for the first time in my running experience, I was faced with one of my biggest runner fears…having to walk at certain points, and see if I could get going again. Something I have never done!

Listen To Your Body

What a fabulous hurdle to have overcome…the need to Listen to My Body and look after mine and my baby’s health. I made the conscious decision to slow my pace right down, with the risk of having to walk home. The fact that I found this easy to do, was a huge relief, and a personal learning curve for me.

You may be interested to know the reason I felt the need to walk…ligament pain. Around week 18 into my second trimester, I would experience some mild discomfort around my hips and pelvis. This would usually occur around 2k into my run. After walking for 1k, I then found I could get going again.

For more information on ligament pain, check out this LINK.

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As June came to an end, and we stepped into July, Everyone was suffering from the heat. Noticeably, dogs and pregnant ladies alike!!

I, therefore, suspended my weekly run and dance class, for weekly swimming sessions. This decision was not only necessary but could not have come at a better time.

At 25 weeks pregnant, I began to feel the aches and pains that carrying a child puts on your back. I, therefore, decided to invest in an exercise ball, to help hold my posture, and generally keep me moving when I needed to take a seat…if I sat on the sofa, getting up was just too much of a challenge!

I definitely found this helped me…check out this LINK to discover the many benefits of using an exercise ball during your pregnancy.

Swimming during pregnancy is highly recommended, particularly for all the aches and pains which begin to present themselves. Want to know more, click HERE.

I would also like to share one last pregnancy pain I have suffered in this trimester, and that is the great pain in the bum known as sciatica! I don’t use the word ‘suffer’ lightly, but if you have ever experienced back pain like this, you will know what I mean.

Want to know more, check out my blog about Sciatica During Pregnancy.

Well, although the tone of this trimester may seem rather negative, on reflection, I am proud of my efforts to keep up my activity in the face of intense temperatures, pains in the bum, and the expected weight gain. Out of the 14 weeks, only 4 of them have included no running, and none of them have involved no exercise at all…RESULT!

I look forward to the last lap of my pregnancy, and cannot wait to share the highs and lows, and details of our arrival at the finish line.

Look out for my next blog on Varicose Veins – Another one of pregnancy’s delightful side effects.


I would love to hear your experiences of exercising throughout your pregnancy!! Get in touch through Facebook and tell me your triumphs!

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