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We’ve decided to schedule our official date for the Run with your Bun launch on 7th May 2018!

I am excited to be celebrating the Run With Your Bun Launch by taking part in a local May Day 10k Race!

My Local Runners club have organised a challenging 10k race around the park land at Abbey fields. I thought “what a great way to spread the word about the Run With Your Bun launch”, and demonstrate how safe and positive it is to continue to run whilst pregnant.

Fortunately, this coincides with the date of my 12 week scan. What a great way to share our exciting news about becoming parents again!

I have been training regularly, and sensibly. I have learnt over this training period that my pace and stamina has reduced slightly, for a variety of reasons. Over-heating, over-tiredness, varicose veins, but to mention a few. But, on this occasion, it truly is about the taking part. I want to show how important it is to maintain your confidence and strength as a runner, whilst expecting a baby. The finishing time does not come into this.

I intend to prioritise the safety of both me and my baby, by focusing solely on being present, and finishing the race.

During the race I have the company of my Personal Trainer; Ed McKay. He will be running alongside me, ensuring I am fit and well throughout. I have also enlisted a small crowd of supporters to keep me moving along my laps. We all know how important it is to see a familiar, supportive, and friendly faces when we need a little encouragement.

Don’t miss my next blog, when I look forward to sharing my experience and photos with you from the day.

Wish me luck!

Run With Your Bun - News - Oh My Blog!!! - Run with your Bun Launch - Laura Training Image
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