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I Thought I Would Share My Breastfeeding Experience Now That I Have Been Through the Process Twice

Throughout both my pregnancies, I found people would often ask, ‘are you going to breastfeed?’ And
I always gave the answer, “I don’t know, if it works, it works…”
I always wanted to, but as most mums will tell you, it’s just not always that easy!

With both of my boys, to begin with, there were some issues to overcome. But, after a few weeks, with some persistence on both our parts, we were successfully breastfeeding.
With my eldest, breastfeeding came to a natural end at 6 months, once weening began. It was my intention to do the same again with baby no. 2.

Baby Number 2

When baby no.2; Bobby was born, I experienced more pain with breastfeeding for the first month, but my determination allowed me to overcome this. My previous experience of breastfeeding involved
breastfeeding for 20 minutes every 5 hrs, and NOT through the night. This time around was the same at night, but the daily demand was somewhat different by the time the ‘4 month sleep regression’ kicked in. For more information on 4 month regression click HERE

At 12 weeks old, I decided to express a bedtime bottle for Bobby, and thankfully this saw him through the night. But, because I wasn’t feeding him at night, the breast milk supply had diminished a little, and I was struggling to keep up with the daytime demand.

Before I knew it, Bobby was demanding a feed every 2 hours. Although this may be considered manageable, the addition of a 3 year old adjusting to life with a new sibling made this very difficult.
I began to be feel very overwhelmed and defeated…and I never say that!
No sooner had I dealt with feeding Bobby, and began dealing with his brother Michael, when he would
want feeding again!!

Talking to Others about their Breastfeeding Experience

I spoke to many of my close friends, and their support highlighted some key points about breastfeeding to me; many of which I already knew…I had it stuck in my head that I was going to feed both
my babies for 6 month, and anything which fell short of this felt like giving up.
The useful phrases my lovely friends repeated to me included…
You have a classic case of mum guilt!
They are different babies that need different things…
It’s moving on, not giving up…

These are things I have definitely said to other friends, but I was finding it hard to accept it myself.
When I have watched other people struggling to get breastfeeding to work for them, I have always been a strong believer that it’s just not worth the misery and upset…you don’t get that time back with your baby, so its best to do what works, and enjoy the time with your baby…it seems I couldn’t take my own advice!!!

Once I decided to begin combi feeding and slowly reduce the breastfeeding, life began to feel a lot happier, and relaxed. Bobby is now a satisīŦed formula fed baby, others are able to help me more, and I have more patience and quality time with my eldest son Michael.

This experience has shown me that breastfeeding is not just a personal choice, it has an effect on the whole family unit, and you have to do what is best for everyone.
If you are having a similar experience, need some support with breastfeeding, or need to talk through
making the decision to move on, click HERE

Alternatively, you can phone the National Breastfeeding Helpline on 0300 100 0212 or visit their website at

Look out for my upcoming product review blogs on breastfeeding aids including; breast pads, breastfeeding clothing, and breast pumps.

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