May Day 10K RACE

Blog - 10K Race - Johnston Family Photo
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10K Race – 3,2,1…RUN WITH YOUR BUN!

So My Bun and I Made it to the Finish Line, in a Not So Shameful 1 hour 16 minutes…

I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t a little nervous. I publicly decided to officially launch RUN WITH YOUR BUN with the completion of a 10K race.

I have participated in many a 10K race previously, and have regularly run this distance over the last year. However, I had not fully appreciated the hilly route, especially considering my difficulty training; due to my lack of energy during my first trimester. But above all, the unusual heatwave we experienced this Bank Holiday.

Blog - 10K Race - Laura & Ed Running

Morning of the Race

I woke up feeling good. I had little to no nausea, I had eaten a good carbalicious meal the night before, and got a relatively good nights sleep.

I had my team ready and loaded with RUN WITH YOUR BUN balloons and flyers. As well as, a good supply of bananas and energy drinks for fellow runners at the finish line.

When we left for the park at 9:30 am, the temperature was already reaching 23 degrees. Everyone was beginning to feel the heat. I discussed my plan for the run with ED, my Personal Trainer (who was running alongside me). We were both in agreement, above all else, the priority was to keep both my baby and me safe in the heat. Even a fit and health runner can overheat in such conditions, so it was important to negotiate at what point I would leave the race if necessary.

Although continued running is SAFE in pregnancy, you need to be responsible and keep yourself and your baby safe. Overheating whilst running is much more likely when you are pregnant. Therefore, you need to make sure you rehydrate and do not reach exhaustion. For further information on the dangers of running in the heat and how to avoid this, please follow this useful link HERE.

Blog - 10K Race - Laura & Ed

The Route

Despite having always been a local resident of ABBEY FIELDS park in KENILWORTH, I was a little surprised just how hilly this route was. I am no stranger to hills on a run. In fact, I deliberately ensure my runs include elevation of some kind…They are hard to avoid in my local area, and besides, where is the fun in a flat route?!

However, you will see from the Strava map, this course was full of them. We had 3 laps around the course to complete the 10k race. I must comment at this point, how well the KENILWORTH RUNNERS organised this event. The course was clearly marked out, with plenty of stewards at regular points. A HEARTY crowd had formed to help spur us on, and water stations and paramedics were on site.

Start of 10k Race

I experienced that usual pre-run butterfly feeling as we were lined up to begin the race. I thoroughly enjoyed the first lap around. The support was incredible! Parts of the race were across grass areas and downhill, so I ensured I reduced my pace at these points to avoid any accident or injury. ED ensured he ran just in front of me at these parts, to ensure I had a safe route marked out.

Half Way

By the second lap, I was beginning to feel the heat. As previously planned, ED ran slightly ahead at the water stations to get water to pour over me, to cool me down. This helped enormously! However, I did have to drastically reduce my pace at this point. Although I felt ‘slow’, I knew that I had to keep both baby and I safe. Even if I was to come in last, I knew people would still be proud of me.

Final Lap of 10k Race

By the third lap, I found myself walking up the hills as I was beginning to feel tired. This is something I have never done during a run. Prior to this, I have always had a bit of a fear of walking, in case I struggled to get going again. In this situation, I simply had NO CHOICE. It was either walk up the hills and get my breath back or drop out.

IMPORTANT- PLEASE NOTE…The General Advice You MUST FOLLOW When Engaging in Cardio Exercise During Pregnancy is…


If it is not possible for you to hold a conversation, you are working too hard! It is important not to raise your heart rate past the point where this is possible. This WILL put yourself and your baby at risk, as the baby will begin not to get enough oxygen.

Although this situation was difficult to deal with at the time, I am so glad I have overcome the fear of walking during a 10k run, at this stage. As my baby grows and I get bigger, and as the warm weather returns for longer periods of time (fingers crossed); I will inevitably need to slow my pace down to a walk…What is it they say? ‘Slow progress is still progress’.

By the last 2K, I was beginning to step into the GIVE UP zone. BUT, with a little encouragement from ED and the stewards, I found my inner warrior, and dragged my butt to the finish line!!

Blog - 10K Race - Strava

Honestly, I Felt Like a SUPERHERO!

I was proud of myself, and people were quick to congratulate me for my efforts and achievement at completing the race, in what can only be described as difficult circumstances.

I couldn’t have asked for a better Launch for RUN WITH YOUR BUN…After a bath, a good nights sleep, and a few days rest, my trainers are back on, and I’m happily pounding the pavements again!

Hopefully, I have shown that it is possible to run SAFELY, and CONFIDENTLY whilst pregnant – And this week I have begun to feel my baby move, so now I can feel his/her support and enjoyment on my runs.

Please visit the shop to equip yourself for you, and your baby’s summer runs.

We have nice bright running vests to ensure you are SEEN, fold-able water bottles for you to take with you on your runs to ensure you keep yourself SAFELY hydrated, and why not treat yourself to a RUN WITH YOUR BUN HOODIE and be proud to tell everyone you are a CONFIDENT runner mummy to be.

Blog - 10k Race - Finish Line
Blog - 10K Race - McKay Family Photo
Blog - 10K Race - Johnston Family Photo Finish
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