Maternal Nesting

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Maternal Nesting - The Urge to Clean and Organise Your Home Ready for Your New Baby
...Or a Great 3am Activity for a Mum to Be Who Can't Sleep??

Maternal NESTING, some consider, merely an ‘old wife’s tale’.

However, I can honestly say; throughout the third trimester of my pregnancy, I have felt this STRONG INSTINCT…I would almost go as far as to call it a NECESSITY!!!


It is true to say, in the Johnston household, we need to physically make room for our next boy. The thought of not being totally organised and ready for his arrival was leaving me rather stressed. However, with a typical busy working mum lifestyle, I have found the times at which I chose to do this rather odd!! With a to-do list as long as my arm, some days, instead of sitting down to clear my inbox or begin the accounts, I would find myself suddenly dragging out the contents of my cupboard and ruthlessly binning anything which did not appear to have an immediate use.


In some ways, this made me feel even more stressed. It began to feel like a procrastination technique against my ever-growing to-do list. In order to turn this urge into a more productive activity, I opted to engage in it during those awkward times, I simply couldn’t sleep.


When approaching the 32 week mark of my pregnancy, I began to find it really difficult to sleep. Like so many other expectant mothers, despite how utterly exhausted I felt, I was not able to get proper rest. Often I would lie there, listening to my other half snoring away, building with frustration. You may wonder why a pregnant lady, who has been busy on her feet all day, can’t simply get some shut-eye at the end of the day. But, believe me, the list of reasons is endless… being uncomfortable, needing to pee, baby’s movements keeping you awake, anxiety about what’s to come, to name but a few!

Oh My Blog!!! Maternal Nesting - Image 1

So, it was at these frustrating times I would seize the opportunity and risk waking everyone else. I threw myself into CLEANING, DECLUTTERING, REORGANISING, THROWING OUT, BUILDING AND DISMANTLING!!

When the rest of the family eventually woke, this is how they would find me!!!

In my opinion, MATERNAL NESTING is as real as morning sickness or cravings…but why not think of it as…

A highly productive physical and mental activity which needs to be done. Helping you feel ready for your arrival, and finally get some sleep!

Tidy home…Tidy Mind.

I would love to hear your experiences of Maternal Nesting throughout your pregnancy!!

Get in touch through Facebook and tell me what you are ‘organising’ this week!

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