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The Bits We Left Out About Labour Day

After a very straightforward and plane sailing pregnancy with my first son, I found myself in a different position this time around on the approach to labour day.

Following my 12 week scan, I was informed that my baby and I had a condition called PAPP-A, which would need to be monitored throughout my third trimester.

What is PAPP-A?

Described to me as a low level of protein in the placenta, which can be associated with small babies…My Midwife outlined I would experience extra scans to check the size of my baby.

Unfortunately, there was limited information available to me regarding PAPP-A. I wasn’t given a leaflet, website or any other information – period. I have since come across a publication by Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust on the web, which you can read HERE.

Left paranoid and anxious throughout, it was a relief to hear at my 20-week scan that there were no
developmental concerns.

Growth Scans

My first growth scan was at 26 weeks. The consultant was confident that everything looked ok and we would experience a ‘spontaneous natural delivery’. From then on, every 4 weeks I would have a scan, up to 34 weeks. At 34 Weeks, my baby’s size began to decline in terms of average size for gestation. At this point, there were also some concerns regarding low levels of amniotic fluid. Subsequently, I was to attend weekly scans. Induction would be considered at 37 weeks if the levels and growth didn’t improve.

At 37 weeks, my baby’s size and the amniotic fluid were no longer a concern. However, I was now presenting as ‘oblique’ which could pose a risk should labour begin. This is when your baby’s positions their head in your hip. Unexpectedly, I was to remain in the hospital for monitoring until labour day. The induction process would begin at 39 weeks, providing my baby’s position was in centralised head down position.

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Hospital Stay

With a 3 year old at home, I was feeling anxious about the whole situation. However I did take some comfort in knowing I was in the best place, and I would be leaving the hospital with my baby.

I could only describe the care I received in the hospital as Exceptional. Despite a terribly busy November rush on the labour ward, nothing was too much trouble for the staff on the Swan ward at Warwick hospital.

Monday 29th October and my baby decides to get in line. The doctors decided to strike while the iron was hot and begin the induction process at 38 weeks and 5 days. Things got off to a slow start, so with nowhere to go, I opted for hours and hours of exercise ball bouncing.

My husband and I braced ourselves for a long night. In the meantime, however, a slot became available at 6pm. Unexpectedly, I was off to have my waters broke. Following this, we barely had time to finish our McDonald’s order, which I sent my husband to retrieve not long earlier.

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And so, Baby Johnston, Number 2 was born at 9 pm.

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With a very straightforward delivery, we were able to introduce baby Bobby to his big brother Michael, who was very excited to meet him. The next day we took our Healthy Halloween baby home.

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