First Trimester – Meet ED McKay

Run with your Bun - Blog - First Trimester - Meet Ed McKay
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Meet Ed McKay, the Fitness Expert Member of My Team!

Ed McKay was able to accompany me on some of my runs, and offer clarity as to what can be considered appropriate training, and what is not.

Ed is available to answer any questions you may have about your running and pregnancy through our Facebook page.

Lets talk about some highs for a second…

Running in the wind… what a great cure for nausea! Okay not a cure, but it does help.

Find some useful ideas of how to deal with Nausea and morning sickness HERE

Unlike my first pregnancy, I have experienced much more nausea in these early weeks. Although I have not actually been sick, I have found that rough feeling, so similar to a hangover, very debilitating. My tried and tested solution to combating this, has mostly involved eating carbs, 5 times a day.

Needless to say, this has resulted in a few pounds weight gain, and a slight shake to my confidence!

Run with your Bun - Blog - First Trimester - Meet Ed McKay

As any runner will know, running is as much of a mental sport, as it is physical. So when your fitness level is naturally going to slow down, and your weight is going to increase, it is important that you maintain your confidence as a runner.

Each time I stepped out the front door to run, I made sure that I reminded myself that my body is growing a baby. And so any distance, covered in any time, was a triumph, and something to be proud of…that’s how I got my buzz back!

Today was a very positive day in MY PREGNANCY, and in my quest to promote SAFE CONTINUED RUNNING DURING PREGNANCY.

I completed a very enjoyable 2 mile run in the sun, before heading off to my first appointment with my midwife. I shared with her my personal plans to run throughout my pregnancy, and my plans for Run With Your Bun. To my delight, she was very supportive, and after outlining what I need to know, she wished me well.

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