Dance Aerobic Classes Whilst Pregnant

Oh My Blog - Dance Aeoric Classes Whilst Pregnant - Meet Jayne Barton
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Attending Dance Aerobic Classes Whilst Pregnant
Bring a Night Out to Your Work Out!

I guess I’ve always been a dancing queen at heart. I spent much of my childhood attending ballet, tap & disco lessons, shows, and exams…Now in my 30s, as a mother, I would still say dancing is one of the best ways to Exercise, Meet Up with other people, and spend time doing something I Enjoy!

During my first pregnancy, my midwife was rather discouraging of my regular dance aerobic classes for being ‘too high impact’. In fact, it was her advice to abstain from my classes completely during pregnancy. This time, with more knowledge under my belt, I was determined to stick to my dance aerobic classes for as long as I Enjoy It.

In reality, I was still feeling a little nervous during my first trimester to get my groove on with my glow sticks. However, my mind was put at ease by discussing how to keep me and my baby safe with both my midwife and dance instructor…

I have developed a good relationship with my dance instructor over the years. After informing her that I was expecting a baby, I trusted she would offer me guidance on how to adapt my dancing style throughout my pregnancy.

Local Lady?

Meet Jayne Barton…a highly experienced and qualified dance instructor in the Coventry/Warwickshire Area.

Throughout my three trimesters, I have regularly attended a clubbercise class. I decided to stop participating in my Pound Fitness class, as I felt this would be harder to adapt and enjoy, as my pregnant belly grew. To find out more about POUND FITNESS click

AND look out for my upcoming POST PREGNANCY BLOG all about getting back into Pound Fitness!

Oh My Blog - Dance Aeoric Classes Whilst Pregnant - Meet Jayne Barton

So What is Clubbercise…

Fun easy-to-follow dance workout with rave glow sticks & disco lights. Club
anthems from the 90s to today’s hits…what more is there you need to know???
To find out more about CLUBBERCISE click HERE

To begin with, I was slow and felt a slight dip in my confidence when dancing. This was purely down
to the normal nervousness at the early stages of pregnancy…but I soon found my feet.
Apart from missing a few sessions throughout the exceptionally hot summer; which I chose not to attend in order to stay safe in the heat, I have reached week 35 of my pregnancy and I am still attending weekly!

Jayne has helped me follow the choreography, whilst reducing the impact, considering my change in
stamina, agility, and balance. Sticking to my weekly CLUBBERCISE class has kept
me motivated and fit for labour! So if you are an aerobic dancer who has recently found
out you are expecting a baby, you can continue to…


If you did not participate in dance aerobic classes prior to your pregnancy, please discuss the potential benefits and risks of doing so with your health professional first.


I would love to hear your experiences of exercising throughout your pregnancy!! Get in touch through Facebook and tell me your triumphs!

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