Continued Running in the First Trimester

Run with your Bun - Blog - First Trimester & Continued Running (featured Image)
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Continued Running - Running from the FEAR in the face of REALITY

As a regular runner before my pregnancy, I was keen to keep up the activity.

Continued running has become just as much of a therapy, as a well enjoyed hobby.

By ‘regular runner’, I am talking about fitting in at least two runs a week; anything more would be unrealistic for me as a working mother, with a toddler already in tow.

I was aware of my condition right from the off; even before we saw that second line appear in the window! We were of course very excited, as we feel the time is right for our family to grow, and for our son to have a sibling. This excitement was however matched with some concerns about what’s to come; even though I have done it all before.

The nature of my concerns were different this time around. For my first pregnancy it was; ‘will we make good parents’ and ‘will I be able to handle labour’. This time it is more; ‘although I’m fit, I am a little older’. ‘How will I cope with the change to my lifestyle and body shape; which I have worked so hard to improve?’.

For this reason, and for many others, I was keen to keep up my exercise regime. As a busy working mum, it’s so important that I find time to myself, to work on myself, and keep myself happy; a 5K run fulfills this for me.

Run with your Bun - Blog - First Trimester & Continued Running (featured Image)

In my experience, when it comes to continued running during pregnancy, there seems to be a somewhat negative view on it. Those heavily invested in regular exercise (such as me 🙂 ) are keen to advocate how SAFE it is, and how your BODY is so used to it. But when you speak to those less informed, there is a definite look of disapproval, followed by the question ‘oh, is that safe’. After doing extensive research, considering the view of a variety of sources, I am happy to join the community which promotes continued running during pregnancy, and I am actively spreading the word that…

Continued Running in Pregnancy Is Good for You, and Your Baby.

After having a very healthy and smooth pregnancy with my son Michael, I was interested to see if this one would be the same. I can confirm – No two pregnancies are the same!

I am now approaching the end of my first trimester and I can officially call myself a ‘Pregnant Runner’. But the race to the 12 week mark has seemed more of a marathon at times, than a gentle jog around the block. There have been some real confidence boosting highs, and some fearful moments of realisation.
Realisation that I will need to adapt my regime, distance, pace, and above all, Expectations.

My pregnancy was confirmed with a pregnancy test at just 3 weeks. I have to admit, the first few runs, were nerve racking to say the least. Despite my extensive knowledge, and belief in the safety of an existing runner to keeping up their activity, in reality, negative thoughts and fears would creep in when I was doing my usual 5k run.

I found myself symptom spotting whilst running, and slowing down when there was no real need to. However, this is when I established my first written rule for running throughout my pregnancy; LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. I came to the conclusion that, if it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it! Your fitness is not going to suffer significantly from fewer, shorter, or slower runs within the first 12 weeks.

I did begin to overcome this small cloud of doubt, mostly by using affirming statements to myself, including; Your body is used it, the baby is well protected, fitness is good for us both.

But I am also fortunate enough to have a Personal Trainer in the family…Check out my Next Blog & Meet the Fitness Expert Member of my Team!

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