2020 Starts with…The National Running Show

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 After a somewhat slow start to the year, what better way to get focus and motivation than attending the National Running show!

So, before I tell you about our exciting day at the National Running Show, I am going to venture back and fill you in from when we last spoke…

From September 2019

Towards the end of last year, we experienced the full effects of having our first child start school. In particular, the nasty bugs and germs that come with that. It was relentless! We had everything going…At times, it felt like my life was revolving around clearing up unpleasant bodily functions, taking temperatures, and dishing out Calpol!

We managed to drag ourselves to Christmas. Fortunately, this was the first week since October, we were all feeling well! Of course for me, this was the first time for weeks, I was well enough to run.

I often found myself stuck between feeling the NEED to run, and not wanting to make myself more unwell. I felt I may regret using up my last bit of energy. Not necessarily a good idea when you have two young children to take care of.

One Saturday morning I snapped. The overwhelming feeling of being ‘trapped’ got too much, and I literally dropped everything and went on my first RAGE RUN.

I can’t say I felt great after, because I didn’t. But, I definitely felt like I had put my own mental well being first…something many of us neglect to do as parents, despite how essential it is.

Needless to say, after such a break in my running routine, weekly runs have been slow and difficult. But they are happening, and that’s the main thing.

Off to the NEC…

My health and motivation returned just in time to fully indulge in all that the Running Show had to offer.

This was Run With Your Bun’s first visit to this show…and it did not disappoint.

It was a great exhibition with some fantastic running products to buy, try and test for you guys. Including:

Sole-Mates – Insoles, which help with pregnancy related symptoms such as: plantar fasciitis, flat feet and back problems.

Secret Whispers – Pelvic Floor Kegel Exercise Kit.

As a 10K/Half marathon road runner, I entered the show with the attitude that TRAIL and ULTRA running ‘don’t apply to me’… But, is this the case? 🤔 It was in fact the awesome talks from the ultra trail runners such as Allie Bailey, and Louise Johnstone that really rang true with me.

Their stories, efforts, and achievements, reminded me of the importance of enjoying your running. As well as, how supportive and inclusive the running community can be.

We were also fortunate enough to attend the NATIONAL RUNNING SHOW NETWORKING DINNER... what an opportunity for RUN WITH YOUR BUN… watch this space! 😁

Oh My Blog - The National Running Show - Image
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