My Story

My Story…I am a Mother. I am a Runner.

Hi I’m Laura, the founder of Run With Your Bun. My inspiration for setting up the business, comes from my own experience as a mother, and as a runner.

With a background in psychology, I am a big believer in the importance of satisfying both the physical, and psychological needs we have as humans, as women, and as mothers. My story becoming a runner followed the birth of my first child, Michael. Before I fell pregnant with Michael, I was a regular zumba goer..oh I do love a good weekly dance! But, when I told my midwife about this, she was keen to deter me from continuing.

She commented that it was ‘too high impact’ to engage in whilst pregnant. I did however, find a local exercise group for ‘mum’s to be’. So, I was able to stay active once a week.

Throughout my pregnancy, I gained a fairly ‘standard’ 2 and ½ stone. Although this did get me down at times, I told myself, and others, that I was happy to concentrate on Michael’s needs. Following Micheal’s first birthday, I hadn’t lost a single pound. Despite getting back into my zumba routine, I was feeling really rather self conscious and uncomfortable with the way my body looked. At times, I felt I didn’t recognise myself. Although I was talking about the need to take action, I was doing very little to change things.

Run with your Bun - My Story - Image (Laura & Mike)

With the summer approaching, I made the decision to shift the weight, and get active.

I lost a whopping 2 stone in 10 weeks and within 14 weeks, managed to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight and fitness level. Most importantly, I began to regain my self confidence as someone who values a fit and healthy lifestyle.

At this point, I made an informed decision to bite the bullet and try long distance running; something I never thought I was capable of. Throughout my first year of running, I surprised myself time and time again. I couldn’t believe how far, and fast I could run. But, most interestingly for me, how much I enjoyed it! Within the year, I had continued to run two or three times a week, completed two 10k races in under an hour, and myself confidence, and self belief was higher than it had ever been.

Run with your Bun - My Story - Image 2 (Mike in Paddling Pool)

I had found a whole new identity, as a mother, and as a runner. Both of which I love!

So, my story continues when I fell pregnant with my second child. I was determined to maintain my running ability. It is so important to me to maintain my level of self confidence, my fitness level, and status as a runner.

Although gaining weight is an inevitable part of having a baby, I believe that continued regular exercise will lead to a positive mind, and a strong body core, ready for delivery. Maintaining a good fitness level will also make shifting the pounds easier afterwards.

To discover my up hill challenges and achievements throughout my three trimesters, please read my story by following my blog here.

I’d like to offer you a warm welcome to the website, and encourage you to make a purchase, so you can continue to run safely and with confidence. Help me spread the word… Continued running whilst pregnant is safe, and healthy for you and your baby.

Congratulations from the Run With Your Bun Team!