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Hi, I’m Laura, the founder of Run With Your Bun. My inspiration for setting up the business comes from my own experience as a mother, and as a runner.


With a background in psychology, I am a big believer in the importance of satisfying both our physical and psychological needs. My story becoming a runner followed the birth of my first child, Michael. And now, I am expecting my second child. For this reason, I am keen to continue my running and advocate how good it is for a mother to be, and baby. And so, marks the beginning of Run with your Bun.


My clothing brand is designed to spread the word that ‘continued running during pregnancy is safe’. We offer comfortable running wear for pregnant ladies, ensuring we are all SAFE, SEEN and CONFIDENT. Most importantly, you can be brave enough to keep up your running regime, or even ritual, throughout pregnancy. We should be proud and make sure others notice us.


Please browse the shop, and treat yourself to one of our bright maternity hoodies or running vests. Equally, take a sneak peek at the other running accessories we sell, which just might come in handy as you run right through your trimesters.

Gifts 4 Active Mum-to-Be

Until now, we have been working hard to bring the perfect gifts for any Active Mum-to-Be, something which marks this special time together, as well as your efforts to stay fit and active.

Check out the new GIFT SHOP section of the website. We have three beautiful keepsake frame designs to chose from, all with their own special sentiment.

Moreover, offering Personalisation to make it extra special for you and your baby, as well as a choice of frame and colour theme.

These new products will make a particually great baby shower gift for any active mum-to-be.

Product - Gifts 4 Active Mum 2B - Frames
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Pregnancy has both it’s up and down throughout the three trimesters. It’s true what they say, no two pregnancies are the same! Often things seem easier to deal with when we know someone else has run in our shoes. In particular, it can help to know that someone understands how we are feeling. Are you looking for some inspiration? Or do you simply want to know what’s common, or ‘normal’ as you run for two? Visit my blog page to read what is ‘normal’ for me. I will be sharing all the in’s and outs of my continued running, whilst growing Johnston baby No. 2.